The Curiosity Index (29.05.2019)

Abortion: some ruminations

Abortion is back in the spotlight and as a result people are thinking and sharing their thinking afresh. That’s a good thing. Here are some thoughts from Fleming Rutledge on the issue. She makes some excellent points.

I have been ruminating about abortion for many decades, but I don’t think that I have ever written anything about it until now. Since the election of Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh, however, the atmosphere has begun to change dramatically in a way I had not foreseen. The debate about the issues surrounding Roe vs. Wade has suddenly made repeal seem possible, and it seems increasingly irresponsible for Protestant Christians to remain silent. I am therefore going to try to organize the way I have been trying to think about this problem and explain why I have not come to any clear conclusion.

Bonus read: There Are 23 Million ‘Missing’ Girls in The World Due to Sex-Selective Abortions

Be Tender-Hearted and Thick-Skinned

This is a lesson I’ve taken to heart in my years as a church leader.

If you are a pastor, criticism comes with the territory. These examples are from my early years of ministry. A decade in, the church I serve has more unity than ever before. Still, there’s always criticism.

Embracing Our Intellectual Limitations

Talking of helpful lessons – here’s another good one this time from Peter Williams.

Know who you are. God has made us all frail and finite, and we are not called to try to be omniscient. Know that you don’t know things, be prepared to say, ‘I haven’t read that’, actually develop the habit of saying ‘I haven’t read that’, if you haven’t. Admit who you are and what you know, and then be fruitful with that.

The Impossibility of Translating Homer into English

A couple of days ago I posted on The Art of Translation, well this will show how complicated translation can be. In this case from ancient Greek to English.

Cities & cycling

This is how it should be done.

Off the Shelves: How Whales Change Climate

A little video I found a few years back. Still fascinating.

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