The Curiosity Index (29.05.2017)

Anders Breivik was never a Christian

Norway’s worst mass killer also became an oft used counter-point to all the murders committed by radical Islam. Christianity was no better because ‘Breivik was a Christian’. Except he wasn’t.

Breivik said he had been an Odinist for years and had never truly believed in Christianity, a theme he expanded on in a letter to a Norwegian newspaper: “There are few things in the world more pathetic than the Jesus figure and his message, and I have always despised the weakness and the internationalism that the church represents.”

God’s gracious provision

Here’s a nice little story that reminds us that being obedient to God requires faith and being willing to let God challenge our notions of good timing.

Why I don’t believe in God

Tyler Cowen explains his agnosticism. I find this position makes much more sense than that of a committed atheist, of the Dawkins or Krauss type which as Cowen says “atheism as another form of religion.”

The Answer to My Paper Woes

If like me you like writing notes with a pen but don’t want all the paper afterwards and like the value of them being digital. Then here is your answer. I’ve just started using it.

Peles Castle

Another good reason to add Romania to your travel wish list.

Don’t stand too close to Apollo Robbins

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