The Curiosity Index (28.11.2017)

I’m not giving up on this because I know there are thousands of you (that’s totally made up) who can’t wait to see what I’m linking to (that’s also made up). But I am going to have a tweak with the format a little to see if there are some more interesting ways of presenting the links. Let’s try this.

News of the day

Actually I read this on Saturday but still: British aid worker shot dead in Nigeria after singing Amazing Grace which illustrates that being a Christian can be a highly risky choice and people still die for their beliefs.

Why you should move to Sweden plug of the day

Rachel Holdsworth at City Metric what Scandinavia can teach our cities about parks. It’s much better here for open spaces.

Astronomy Photo of the day (well year actually)

You can see lots here but this one is the best of the best

© Artem Mironov
Lifehack of the day

This infographic will apparently tell you The Best Time of Day to Do Everything, According to Science which just proves me to that I’m doing it all wrong.

Video of the day

Very smart people are happy to consider that we might be creations instead of creators but prefer the option of being a simulation rather than being you know an actual creation of a real Creator. Whatever.

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