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Dutch round-the-clock church service keeps hopes alive for asylum family

This is a remarkable effort being made by this church

With nowhere to go, the Tamrazyans put their fate in the hands of the Bethel church community in The Hague’s Segbroek district. It was quick to respond. By Christmas Eve, a service in the chapel will have run continuously for 60 days and nights, or for more than 1,400 hours. It is thought to be the longest “asylum service” in Dutch history.

Through day and night, pastors hold services for six or seven hours at a time, always with a congregation of at least three people so they can justifiably describe their efforts as a religious service.

Armenia: The Economist’s country of the year 2018

The juxtaposition with the above story is quite remarkable given that family fled Armenia but the world of migration and immigration is like that.

The president, Serzh Sargsyan, tried to dodge term limits by making himself into an executive prime minister. The streets erupted in protest. Nikol Pashinyan, a charismatic and bearded former journalist and mp, was swept into power, legally and properly, on a wave of revulsion against corruption and incompetence. His new party alliance won 70% of the vote in a subsequent election. A Putinesque potentate was ejected, and no one was killed. Russia was given no excuse to interfere.

The Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C.

Tyler Cowen gives his thoughts on this museum. Here’s his last point

13. The google headline for the museum has the subtitle “One of the Ten Best Museums in DC.”  It is odd they do not think it is the best.

The Gospel of Mark as a comic

I’ve linked to this work before so you can read more of the details there but the artist has just released the first full Gospel. I really admire these labour of loves inspired by the Bible, and I encourage you to check it out.

O Come Let Us Adore Him

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