The Curiosity Index (23.03.2018)

Bill Hybels Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Former Willow Creek Leaders

Whichever way this turns out, it’s a really sad story.

Darwinian differences: How the theory of evolution viewed women as inferior

Darwin claimed that equality was scientifically impossible. In line with his own ingrained assumptions, the standard ones of Victorian England, Darwin maintained that female inferiority is an inescapable consequence of nature.


So Christianity is no longer the norm? Going underground will do it good

Peter Ormerod has a good response to the news that Europe is non-Christian

The Problem With Memoirs

This is a superb evaluation of the rise of the unnecessary memoir.

All Aboard! 15 Modern Houseboats, Boatels & More Floating Architecture

Just something to dream about over the weekend

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2 Thoughts to “The Curiosity Index (23.03.2018)”

  1. Hi Phil,

    I was looking at this list and thinking that the title of your blog is so appropriate. What a wonderfully eclectic list of items! You integrate your faith, your role as a christian leader with a real curiosity about the world you live in.


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