The Curiosity Index (21.12.2018)

A little lighter far today but curious and interesting nonetheless.

Twenty strange purchases made by churches

If anything demonstrates how Christianity has got a little off-track in the States this list could be it. There’s a video linked to number 12 that’s a classic and make me feel very sorry for the camel. That’s right, camel.

Great Britain is not a small island on any measure

9th biggest in fact. But Canada has 3 islands in the top 10 and 2 of them are bigger than Britain. How insanely big is Canada?

Fertile Grounds: Low-Tech “Sand Dams” Breathe New Life into African Drylands

Some friends of mine have invested in these in Kenya – I hadn’t really heard of them before but I love these low-tech sustainable solutions.

Here’s Why You Get Itchy, And Why Scratching Feels So Good

In case you’ve been wondering.

Urban Nouveau proposes to turn a historic Stockholm bridge into housing and a park

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