The Curiosity Index (21.03.2017)

What Is Grace?

Last Sunday we looked at what it means to be a people changed by grace. Justin Holcomb offers a good article on what grace is.

What Did the Tearing of the Temple Curtain Mean?

More than you realise.

The rise of Arab atheism

This is interesting and it will be interesting to see how Islam compares to Christianity in dealing with those who steadfastly refuse to believe. My guess is that most atheists should consider themselves grateful that they can not-believe in an historically Christian society.

Crimea: The place that’s rather difficult to get into

It can be easy in the West to forget that just three years ago Russia invaded and annexed a part of another country. Less easy to forget if you’re Ukrainian.

20+ Animals Who Have Perfected the Art of Camouflage

There’s no way I’m spotting the leaf-tailed gecko if I’m in the woods…

Photo by The British Library

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