The Curiosity Index (19.03.2018)

Is there a biblical defence of free speech?

Paul Miller has a crack at making a case.

Poland’s Sunday trading ban takes effect

This is interesting. I’m generally in favour of people having a break from relentless consumerism.

Russia and the Curse of Geography

Given the unsurprising re-election of Vladimir Putin, I thought I’d share this article from a couple of years back that explains why Russia is involved in Ukraine & Syria for example. It’s taken from Tim Marshall’s excellent Prisoners of Geography.

There’s a Remote Norwegian Town Where You’re Not Allowed to Die

Longyearbyen featured in a recent Curiosity Index and has now made it again on the curious fact that you can’t be buried there so they encourage people to leave before they ultimately leave.

These electric Porsche 911s can go 250 miles on a single charge

I’d happily switch to electric if it meant driving one of these beauties.


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