The Curiosity Index (18.06.2018)

Simplicity for the Sake of the Gospel

From Jen Oshman:

When my husband and I sensed God calling us to plant a church in our new neighborhood, the man we consider our spiritual father had some wise words for us.

“Do not get busy,” he said. “If you want to minister to your neighbors and your community, you need to be home. Don’t make a bunch of commitments. Just be there. They will come.”

I didn’t believe him.

A Crucial Archaeological Dating Tool Is Wrong

Just a few decades of difference could help resolve an ongoing debate over the extent of Solomon’s biblical kingdom, making findings like these more than a minor quibble in a politically contested part of the world.

This could take a while to filter through but it could lead to some reconsiderations.

Miraculous healings in the Salvation Army

Lex Loizides continues his research. Here’s a quote from Bramwell Booth

If extravagances have gathered round the subject in some quarters, they ought not to be permitted to obscure the central fact, which is that the healing of the sick by special immediate Divine interposition, in answer to prayer and faith, has undoubtedly occurred. Surely there is nothing surprising in this. On the contrary, it would have been surprising had it been otherwise.

How to use Twitter

Twitter can be confusing and of course full of nastiness. There’s a better way. Some good, positive tips from Michael Nielsen

2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest
One shot capture. I watched the leopard stalking the stork, I only had time to focus at 400mm, no time to change to high speed, I watched the stork and as soon as it flapped it’s wings I shot one shot.
And you don’t know if it got away or not, the beauty of photography…and the Serengeti.

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