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A hole in the sky

One of the dangers for us, as charismatic Christians, is that our equivalent of the Temple is our Sunday worship service. People need to “come” to encounter God. That’s where the hole in heaven is – over our meeting.

And for people that can access our Sunday meetings, this is fine. We must invite them and see them saved and added. But what about all the people who cannot come, who do not come, who will not come? Invitational evangelism is insufficient to reach our Jerusalem, never mind our Samaria and the Ends of the Earth.

A must read.

‘I believe because it is absurd’: Christianity’s first meme

Much could be said about the differences and similarities between religious and scientific commitment, but it is worth observing, in brief, that the contemporary sciences afford conspicuous instances of justified belief in both the impossible (quantum mechanics) and the staggeringly improbable (Big Bang cosmology). This brings us back to the original context of Tertullian’s remarks, which were not about belief motivated by the absurdity of its object, but whether is it ever warranted to believe in things we consider to be impossible or extremely improbable. Clearly, that remains a live question.

Interesting stuff from Peter Harrison.

Is ISIS Really Muslim?

Yes. And no.

The dizzying story of Symphony of the Seas, the largest and most ambitious cruise ship ever built

Just ridiculous. Five times larger than The Titanic this monster:

can carry nearly 9,000 people and contains more than 40 restaurants and bars; 23 pools, jacuzzis and water slides; two West End-sized theatres; an ice rink; a surf simulator; two climbing walls; a zip line; a fairground carousel; a mini-golf course; a ten-storey fun slide; laser tag; a spa; a gym; a casino; plus dozens more shopping and entertainment opportunities. To put it another way, Symphony of the Seas might be the most ludicrously entertaining luxury hotel in history. It just also happens to float.

The Best Ways to Organize All Your Digital Photos

You’re welcome.

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