The Curiosity Index (16.02.2017)

Just a few items today…I’m getting harder to please.

On Synod, sexuality, and not ‘Taking note’

I’m not an Anglican and honestly find it hard to understand so much fighting over an institution but for those that care, Ian Paul gives his account of yesterdays goings on at the Church of England Synod.

What it has done is highlighted the deep divisions in the Church—but done nothing to heal them. Not only do we disagree, we even disagree about what it is we disagree on. And it has set clergy against their bishops…And in the end it has demonstrated the power of this issue to break the Church. Those seeking change have demonstrated their determination to continue pushing, regardless of the consequences.

What is the Bible?

The placing of these two items is not coincidental.

8 mistakes churches make on their websites

I’m not sure I agree with all of these because it equates church with service but still helpful enough.

Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden

Not exactly the Garden of Eden (it is near Pittsburgh after all) but a really interesting project.

The People’s Fridge: Free Excess Food for Anyone Who Needs It

I love ideas like this.

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