The Curiosity Index (15.06.2017)

Illiberal Britain

Yesterday the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, stepped down from his post because of the tension between faith and politics. Isabel Hardman’s comments will I think prescient for the coming generation in the secular West.

He [Farron] appears to fear that the reaction to his own religious beliefs would be so illiberal as to damage his party, and therefore he must obfuscate on those beliefs when asked. We live in a society of liberal intolerance, where only certain worldviews are deemed acceptable by people who often refuse to accept that they themselves have a worldview that also deserves interrogating. Such intolerance is often born of a sincere desire to make life better for those who have been persecuted in the past, including gay people, women who have abortions and those who divorce. But it becomes a form of persecution in itself, just focused on a newly unpopular group.

Twenty relics of church past

Some of these seem uniquely American but others indicate perhaps deeper changes in society.


I missed this when it came out but it’s well worth listening to in – let the dream live on.

‘Instantly rechargeable’ battery spells bad news for gas-guzzling cars

Transportation is changing and before our eyes. By the time my son is old enough to drive, I believe cars will not be using diesel or petrol but battery powered. Of course he might not need to learn to drive at all.

4K supercell thunderstorm time lapse

One more video for you and it is awesome.

Photo by Liberal Democrats

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