The Curiosity Index (15.02.2018)

What Did Jesus Look Like?

Well, firstly, not like that. Here’s something I hadn’t really considered. He was probably quite short.

What If Men And Women Skied Against Each Other In The Olympics?

Here’s the data…

Why Rural Brits Outlive Rural Americans

Live long, live in Rutland so they should say

The best audiobooks for kids

This is a pretty good list for starters, although we like the Stephen Fry renditions of Harry Potter and we’re currently loving the Swallows & Amazons series.

Salvation by . . . Hospitality?

Having continued my hospitality related Tweetstorm I came across this book review.

The provocative title comes from a letter at the end of the first-century known as 1 Clement. Clement mentions three times that Abraham, Lot, and Rahab were saved by faith and hospitality. This may come as a surprise to Protestants, but it’s true that God’s promise to Abraham is confirmed in Genesis 18 after he demonstrates his piety by offering hospitality to the three men (Gen. 18:1–15). In a similar way, Lot’s hospitality to the divine visitors is part of the basis for God’s rescue of Lot’s family (Gen. 19:1–3). And Rahab’s faith is manifested in her welcoming the spies in peace (Heb. 11:31).


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