The Curiosity Index (14.02.2018)

Why Hospitality Is Vital to Church Planting

I recently unloaded a whole ton of thoughts on Twitter about hospitality. This is a good summary of the whys and hows of hospitality.

By opening up our hearts and homes to others in hospitality, we experience fellowship within the Christian community (Rom. 12:131 Pet. 4:9), and we can do mercy ministry and evangelism toward those outside the Christian community (Luke 14:12).

How did Valentine’s Day become so commercial—and is it a bad thing?

Valentine’s Day has certainly contributed to the way western culture celebrates and expresses love, associating it more closely with the material. U.S. consumer spending for 2018 is expected to be $19.6 billion.

Global Warming Map Shows What Happens When the Earth Gets 4 Degrees Warmer

This is a really interesting thought experiment.

Wilhelmina Ice Pole Sitting Contest

I guess if there’s significant global warming then this ridiculous competition might die out.

Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice

On the other hand there might be less of this. Amazing.

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