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How breastfeeding changed my view of God

Rebecca McLaughlin reflecting on Isaiah 49:15 gives an important insight into God, that no man could give.

God’s love for us is no Hallmark sentiment. This image is not primarily a celebration of our newborn cuteness: “God could never reject such lovable little creatures as us!” Rather, this verse reveals God’s hard-won, self-giving, dogged commitment to our good, a refusal to let us go—however frustrating we become, an insistence on seeing his image in us—and a painful provision for our most desperate need.

The beginning of the end

Simon Guillebaud is one of my living heroes of the faith. Here he reflects on the end of a 19 year long stay in Burundi.

The overwhelming feeling I have at the moment is of stunningly deep gratitude to God for the privilege of the last 19 years – to have had the chance to work with such wonderful Burundian brothers and sisters, to have had such an extraordinary impact alongside them in so many spheres, to have been so protected and relatively unscarred (myself, and more importantly the family) through some truly difficult times. Wow! Thank you Lord!

Venezuela’s Biggest Airport Is in Free Fall

I never knew Concorde used to fly to Caracas. This is an interesting angle on the decline of a nation and how isolation is a downward spiral. It sounds bad…

More recently, local media have reported that the airport is experiencing frequent power blackouts and that water isn’t running in the terminal’s toilets, while hundreds of passengers are being left stranded after flights get canceled without notice. Since Maiquetía’s cleaning services company went bankrupt, there’s no one sanitizing bathrooms, cleaning floors, or taking out the trash.

Who owns the land created by the Kilauea eruption?

Of course Hawaii’s big island is getting bigger….

Green Lake, a.k.a. Ka Wai a Pele (1), which lay on the lava’s route towards the coast, disappeared in a mere 90 minutes. The water evaporated and its basin, up to 200 feet deep, was completely filled with molten rock. Hawaii’s largest freshwater lake is no more. Also last week, the lava reached Kapoho Bay, well known for its tidal pools. It too is now filled up and gone.

Two former bodies of water, both filled up with lava in the same cataclysm. But: two different ownership principles at work.

Stairs of Knowledge

This is so cool (HT: Mark Meynell). Although I’ve not read nay of these works start to finish and only read extracts from maybe 8 of them.

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