The Curiosity Index (13.04.2018)

The Women of T4G

I don’t really know anything about T4G, I’m not following it or watching it or to be honest all that interested, but this by Melissa Edginton showed up in my RSS feed (which by the way is how you should get your content and avoid social media). She made this interesting aside:

Most women’s conferences have nothing at all to do with theology, while today I sat and listened to Kevin DeYoung teach for an hour about the immutability of God. There is a huge gulf between the theological learning opportunities for women and those for men.

I’m fairly sure there are a lot of conferences for men that also have nothing to do with theology – but does this say something about women feeling welcomed or the content of conferences that women organise for themselves or both?

Plus the Americans use of the phrase ‘go potty’ really grates in my ears, I don’t know why – it’s not like ‘going to the loo’ is any better.

Ex-Miami Dolphins cheerleader alleges discrimination on basis of Christianity, virginity

This is an odd one. I saw it because I’m a fan of American Football and specifically the Miami Dolphins. I wonder if cheerleading can survive this current moment in culture (and I’m not at all sure it should). It seems to me that having a group of women wear as skimpy clothing and gyrate for what is an essentially a male crowd is problematic to begin with. Yet at the same time there is this odd notion of the cheerleader as an innocent figure, which makes it even odder when one feels discriminated against because of her virginity.

Who are the Nephilim in Genesis 6?

From the bizarre to the obscure. Here’s a question every reader of Genesis has and here are some possible answers. For those interested here’s another take on the topic.

A Definitive Ranking of the Children’s Books of Roald Dahl

Firstly these sorts of posts are never definitive. Secondly there are some Roald Dahl books I’d never heard of which is an error I need to correct. Thirdly, James & the Giant Peach and The BFG are too low.

China Viewed From Above

I would love to visit that amazing country.

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