The Curiosity Index (11.01.2019)

The “Judge Judged in Our Place”: Substitutionary Atonement Reclaimed

A challenge here from Roger Olsen:

If a person rejects substitutionary atonement I only care about two things: 1) Has he or she grappled sufficiently with the New Testament identifications of Jesus Christ with the “Suffering Servant” of Isaiah? and 2) Has he or she really understood traditional, historical substitutionary atonement correctly? I often find these tasks not yet finished by those who out of hand reject substitutionary atonement—often because they cannot seem to escape the distortions that surround it in folk religion and some pulpit preaching about the cross.

In the easy-going Netherlands, two worlds have clashed

The Economist reports on the storm in a teacup in Holland when 250 pastors signed a Dutch version of the Nashville Statement. The most telling sentence is the last one:

In the end, the effect of the Nashville Statement’s Dutch version has been to confirm that, outside a tiny minority, acceptance of homosexuality and transgender identity is too firmly established in Dutch society—and in Dutch Christianity—to dislodge.

Why the UK’s porn block is one of the worst ideas ever

Personally I’m in favour access to pornography being restricted to adults but WIRED has a big problem with it. They do seem to have a point with number 4 though.

The government decided not to implement the porn block itself, but to leave it up to the industry. One company working on a solution is called MindGeek. It’s developed something called AgeID – basically a paywall for age – and, for a fee, it’s offering to sell this to other companies. It expects to verify 25 million users in the first month.

What MindGeek doesn’t mention, literally anywhere on its website, is that it’s the owner of the world’s biggest porn sites, including PornHub, YouPorn and RedTube. Yup: we’re asking pornographers to protect children from porn. 

How do you make a sex scene sexy? (And keep the actors safe?) Five intimacy coordinators explain their craft

So this is a new thing. The intimacy coordinator.

This Video on The Scale of Black Holes Will Crush Your Poor, Human Brain Forever

Honestly, you read the click bait headline. You watch the video. And then you think, “No, they were right.” Like a supermassive black hole, like what?

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