The Curiosity Index (10.05.2017)

I know this came out a few weeks back but in case you missed it the Pew Research Center released its latest report on global religious freedoms. A few things to keep an eye on: firstly the rise of social hostility in Europe towards both Jews and Muslims. Secondly, nobody restricts freedom of religion quite like the Muslims. Few to no freedom across much of North Africa, the Middle East and central Asia.

Talking of freedom, and again this was from a few weeks back, but there is no freedom of conscience in Sweden on the issue of abortion. Sweden has one of the highest rates of abortion in Europe.

Moving on to lighter matters – here is what ‘personal space’ looks like around the world. Turns out Argentinians keep their enemies closer than a Saudi Arabian would a close friend. And Hungarians don’t want anybody getting too close.

Turns out the film industry isn’t nearly as creative as you might think: 18 movie poster clichés – and what they tell you about the film

Finally, most of us have done the thumb trick at some point, but never quite like this.


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