The Curiosity Index (10.01.2019) – Books edition

Getting (Re)Started with Bible Reading in 2019

“What changed last time you read your Bible?

For most of us, the answer is: Nothing.

And so, for many of us, Bible reading slides into short spurts punctuating longer gaps. Others are more disciplined and optimistic. So we continue reading our Bible each day, hoping that in tomorrow’s reading, it’ll “work”, it will all click into place, and something will change. But we never reach tomorrow.”

A Simple 3-Step Bible Reading Plan for Children

To develop a biblical worldview, we need to saturate our minds in Scripture. This requires repeatedly reading and engaging with the Bible throughout our lifetime. The earlier we begin reading the Bible the more time we have for God’s Word to seep into the marrow of our souls. That’s why helping a child to develop the habit of Bible reading is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

10 Tips For Reading In 2019

Lots of simple, down to earth & manageable advice here.

The future book is here but not what we expected

A long but interesting examination of how the book has changed but not how we thought it would.

Our Future Book is composed of email, tweets, YouTube videos, mailing lists, crowdfunding campaigns, PDF to .mobi converters, Amazon warehouses, and a surge of hyper-affordable offset printers in places like Hong Kong.

The booming trade in second-hand books

‘Booming’ may be pushing it a little – but clearly the physical book is not going away anytime soon.

Weird Book Room

This was a wonderful discovery. Favourites include:

Acrobat Hamster; How God gives us ice cream and American Hair Metal


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