The Curiosity Index (09.11.2018)

Wasting your life is easier than you think

Another good piece from the guys at Salt.

The daily struggle to wrest myself free from a purely selfish view of things is never easy, and I frequently lose sight of any bigger picture other than the immediate needs I face. But ultimately, knowing God gives me a much higher sense of perspective than I could ever arrive at purely on my own. 

Visualize the Entire Global Economy in One Chart

It makes it easy to see why a trade war between the US & China is a big deal and why Brexit is going to put the UK in a spot for a decade. Instead of being a part of the second largest trade block it’s on it’s own surrounded by much bigger creatures. It’s likely to be an economic own goal for a generation.

3 things pastors don’t have to do


5 simple ways to reduce your food waste right now

Whatever the overall motivation surely not being wasteful with our food, money, time is a better way to live.

Stan & Ollie

I didn’t know about this film until I saw the review and as a huge fan of theirs since I was a kid, I’m looking forward to seeing it. Here’s the trailer.

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