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New Dead Sea Scroll Cave with no Scrolls

So they found a 12th scroll cave at Qumran, only they discovered it after and not before thieves who took all the scrolls. “Just to give you an idea of how valuable these scrolls are, a fragment of an original scroll the size of a fingernail can cost up to U$1,000,000…”

Biblical Hospitality: The Simplest Way to Change the World

This looks like a great (& much needed) new book on hospitality. I’ve written a fair bit about hospitality and agree with this:

Not everyone will be called to go overseas, start a non-profit, or move to a crime-ridden inner-city neighbourhood. And I think a lot of ‘ordinary’ Christians end up thinking that the mission of God (or at least the really important parts of it) must not be for them. It’s for this vast swath of Christians that we wanted to show the truth that opening your home and life with gospel intentionality is quite literally a way to join God in His mission to save the world. And it’s something that every single one of us can do, easily.

You can get the book The Simplest Way to Change the World: Biblical Hospitality as a Way of Life and you may also want to try my friend Andy Moyle’s new book Friends, food and the gospel

Creating a Church Culture that Invites Children into Worship

Melissa writes:

Children are a gift from God, even in worship. Even in the quiet moments when they are a little too rambunctious. Even when their mothers are dragging them out into the foyer for a little come-to-Jesus meeting. All of these things are blessed parts of raising a family in a loving church. Smile and know that this is where discipleship begins.

The whole area of children and the church is worthy of your time and investment. I recently wrote this on parents, children & showing up at church

Relational Mission: interview with Mike Betts

Our church is part of a wider family of churches called Relational Mission and in this post Nigel Ring interviews Mike Betts who leads that team.

Interview with Mike Betts from Feeding 5000 is no picnic… on Vimeo.

Photo by Derek N Winterburn

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