The Curiosity Index (08.02.2018)

How not to be lukewarm, from your persecuted family

One of the biggest threats to the church in the west is that lukewarm attitude. This is addressed in the Bible, where Jesus says, “I will spit you out of my mouth” (Rev 3:16). A lukewarm attitude isn’t usually embraced within a church, but without us even noticing the attitude can grow over time. Like a weed, if it is not pulled out it has the ability to choke the good roots and destroy what was planted in the beginning. So what are some ways we can avoid being lukewarm?

Why Jen Hatmaker Gets Contextualization Wrong

I don’t really know who Jen Hatmaker is (I’ve never heard of her, read anything by her etc…) except that I saw it caused a huge fuss in the States when she became affirming of same-sex marriages. But it doesn’t really matter, because her arguments are standard stuff and Jackson Wu absolutely crushes them.

Redemption of Dance

The joys and benefits of bilingualism

This is a long article so you might want to save it for the weekend.

In another language, you don’t just learn new words, or sounds, but new notions. It’s like putting on different spectacles and seeing the world with different eyes. You gain a different perspective and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you become more, rather than less, eloquent.

Flu algorithm

How to quickly diagnose a genuine case of the flu

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