The Curiosity Index (08.02.2017)

This feels like a slow news day but here are the few things (I found interesting)

This new study shows how important it is for kids to have married parents

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry explains: “there is an emerging scientific consensus about a few things that, regardless of how you feel or what you believe, really do help children thrive, and one of them is family stability.”

W.H Auden’s review of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings

I’ve not seen this before but back in 1954 Auden reviewed Lord of the Rings for the New York Times. This, I think, remains true and is a testament to a remarkable piece of fiction: “What happened in the year of the Shire 1418 in the Third Age of Middle Earth is not only fascinating in A. D. 1954 but also a warning and an inspiration.”

The sad, sad story of Roger Curry

This highlights the challenges of caring for an ageing parent with a serious illness with a tragic outcome.

The Swedish 6-hour work day

Two stories from Sweden today. Firstly, it was widely reported that Sweden was moving to a 6-hour working day. It was actually only a trial in a few places. Maddy Savage reports on how it went.

The disgusting Swedish habit of Snus

There are few habits that Swedes have that are more revolting than snus. It’s shoving tobacco into a small tea-bag and sucking it on the inside of your lip. While the risk of cancer is not as high, you run a high risk of developing diabetes.


Photo by Olof S

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