The Curiosity Index (07.02.2017)

I’m an American Football fan and love watching the Superbowl. The time difference and a kid that wakes up at 5.30am means watching it live is rarely a good option. So every year I watch the game on the Monday evening with some friends and I avoid all possible means of finding out the score. Which leads me to my first link:

Stop the presses. The perils of an early newspaper edition

The Boston Globe printed their early edition when their team the New England Patriots were losing 28-3. Not a good headline. They ended up winning 34-28 in the greatest comeback of Superbowl history.

Did Early Christians Believe That Jesus Would Return in Their Own Lifetime?

We read 1 Thessalonians 4 on Sunday and we all thought the answer to this question was yes. But then pretty much every generation has thought that. Here Michael Kruger explains why that didn’t stop them writing stuff down.

Ten tips for frustrated servants

Wise advice never gets old.

How Waterstones came back from the dead

As a former bookshop owner I’m heartened by this story. For more on the revival & resilience of books you may want to take a look at this article I wrote just a week ago. Sticking with books is Donald Trump an inadvertent friend to literature?

How long do Brits need to save for a house deposit?

In 1998 it was just three years. It’s a little bit longer than that today.

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