The Curiosity Index (06.04.2018)

It’s Time to Reckon with Celebrity Power

Andy Crouch has written an article that deserves to be digested slowly by any church leader, network leader & conference organiser. And anyone else whose reputation has gone beyond the confines of their own home.

if you knew the full condition of my heart, my fantasies and grievances, my anxieties and my darkest solitary thoughts, you would declare me a danger to myself and others. I cannot be entrusted with power by myself, certainly not with celebrity, and neither can you.

But we don’t have to be entrusted with it by ourselves. We can constantly be pouring our power out, handing it over to others, reinvesting whatever power comes our way in a community that will last longer than our short lives, building something that will endure even to our children’s children—a community to which we are genuinely accountable, a community that will rescue us from ourselves and set us free to be the people we wanted to be, the people we knew we could be, when we first began this journey of life, full of heart and hope.

Turkey’s Churches, Famous for Historic Schism, Finally Agree on Doctrine

This is an excellent little bit of news. I’d also be surprised if it could be managed in countries with now historic but liberal denominations.

Weapon amnesty in Sweden

The reason for the weapon amnesty is the ongoing high-profile shootings and gang violence in recent years mainly in Malmö and Gothenburg. The main reason for this is narcotics and gang-related issues. The aim is to destroy all the weapons that will be handed in to the police.

When 26.2 miles just isn’t enough – the phenomenal rise of the ultramarathon

I love running but I think ultras are bonkers and where do they get the time to train?

Japanese home features a bookshelf wall designed to withstand earthquakes

There aren’t any earthquakes in Sweden but I still want one of these…

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