The Curiosity Index (05.12.2018)

Jesus was not born in a stable

From Ian Paul:

I am sorry to spoil your preparations for Christmas before the Christmas lights have even gone up—though perhaps it is better to do this now than the week before Christmas, when everything has been carefully prepared. But Jesus wasn’t born in a stable, and, curiously, the New Testament hardly even hints that this might have been the case.

A storm brews over the formation of a new church in Ukraine

This is a political not a theological split but in the geopolitical times we live in: this stuff matters.

Why you should rest after big projects

I think is true and found it very helpful. I’m learning how to rest better after periods of intense work.

Henning Larsen’s energy-efficient Kiruna Town Hall opens to the public

If you’re moving a whole town you get to build some shiny new buildings.

They Shall Not Grow Old

As Jason Kottke says:

The brief glimpses of the cleaned and colorized footage in the initial trailer were tantalizing, but the newly released trailer above is just breathtaking or jaw-dropping or however you want to put it.

Bonus links: Q Marks The Spot – Treasure Map 122

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