The Curiosity Index (04.05.2018)

Wives “Submit” or “Respect”?

The other thought that crossed my mind was that if [my wife] Robin respects me, then it would naturally follow that she would be willing to voluntarily follow my lead. When I was pastoring, I saw the effects of women thinking that the essence of their relationship with their husband was submission. No matter what the husband did, no matter how evil their behavior, no matter how damning the consequences, they just acquiesced and “submitted.” I don’t believe that is what Paul intends (and I am a complementarian).

Careful and wise thoughts from Bill Mounce on the Greek.

Are religious people more moral?

Sadly not but then the law has never been very good at giving life.

50 Ways The World is Getting Better

There is much to be thankful for

Are You Too Busy To Be Successful?

That’s a great question. Helpful answer as well.

A Physicist Has Calculated The Best Place to Put Your Router

Somewhere in the middle….

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