The Curiosity Index (02.02.2018)

Praying for London: Five Highlights

Really encouraging report of both united prayer and kingdom advance in London.

11 New People Join Social Media Every Second

How about this stat: “There are now only 25 countries around the world where a Facebook-owned app isn’t the top messenger platform.”

Much of this is happening on smartphones which means we’re about to make the world a very rude place to live: Keep Your Head Up: How Smartphone Addiction Kills Manners and Moods

Infidelity around the world

How about this for a fact that makes you go ‘what?!’

Remarkably, one in eight French people believes that regular sex outside of a relationship does not count as infidelity.

Told you. WHAT?!

Cool Bookish Places: Gladstone’s Library

I never knew this place existed and what’s worse I used to live within about an hour’s drive.

Best way to review Kindle highlights

Cool Tools introduces you to well…you read it. Kindle users, this one’s for you.

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday.

Photo by szeke

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