The art, not science, of multiplication

My friend Brad Watson has recently written a series of helpful articles on the craft of multiplication. It is a craft, it takes effort and work and is not an automatic or automated process.

He begins with 5 ways to create a multiplying culture

  1. Start with thriving communities that make disciples
  2. Expect to participate & send globally
  3. Praying, worshipping & fasting is the fuel for sending
  4. Prepare & plan to send your best
  5. The community gives itself. It is never the same.

Then he takes a look at the arithmetic of multiplication with a few helpful equations

  1.  Equipped leaders + committed community + common mission = new communities
  2. Community + mission – new leaders = crowd management
  3. New leaders + mission – community = lone ranger
  4. New leaders + community – mission = pyramid scheme

Then finally he takes a look at the how of multiplication

  1. Share the burden & joy of sending
  2. Pray: depend on the Spirit to send
  3. Process: celebrate & grieve the Gospel movement together
  4. Participate: have a sending event
  5. Make a plan
  6. Engage in mutual support

Brad Watson is the author of Sent Together and has an upcoming booklet called Multiply Together.

Photo by kendoman26

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