The Apostle Paul on posting comments

There are few things more pointless in life than the majority of discussions on the Internet. All too often it becomes an exercise in not listening, talking past each other at best; angry insults and bitterness or just plain trolling at its worst. So when you have some time to fill and you’ve read a blog post that you’re tempted to engage with, just remind yourself of the advice of the Apostle Paul whose words were created for the Internet age roughly 2000 years ago

Remind your people of this, and give them a solemn warning in God’s presence not to fight over words. It does no good, but only ruins the people who listen. (2 Tim 2:14)


Keep away from profane and foolish discussions, which only drive people farther away from God. (2 Tim 2:16)


But keep away from foolish and ignorant arguments; you know that they end up in quarrels. (2 Tim 2:23)

As a personal testimony, there are a few people who regularly try to draw me into a pointless, time-wasting, energy-sucking argument who have never shown any inclination in being a constructive dialogue partner. I no longer reply. I’ll only comment where there is genuine disagreement only when there is genuine discussion. Otherwise, stay clear.

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