Simplifying my digital life

I spend quite a lot of time (too much in all likelihood) online as the internet has become ever more useful and interlocked into how we do things. Basic things that once required pen and paper are now done online.

I’ve noticed that as someone with reasonably high levels of curiosity I’ve signed up to loads of different things. I’ve probably dozens and dozens of accounts, my email address(es) liberally scattered over the interweb. This leads to clogging of my inbox and an increase in spam and junk mails but also a laziness and a digital cluttering. If my computer was a room it would be a cross between a study, a workshop and the cupboard under the stairs.

At last count I had 5 email addresses still active (I’ve no idea why), accounts to all sorts of sites and services I don’t use and may never use again. Moving in 2011 gives me an opportunity to simplify my physical possessions as we get rid of things we don’t use, won’t use and have forgotten why we ever got it in the first place. I’ve decided a similar approach to my digital life probably wouldn’t hurt either.

One of my goals for 2011 is to be more disciplined and focused (and limited) in my use of the internet, for it to be more of a tool than a distraction and a more disciplined approach to signing (or not signing) up to things and a decluttering of these accounts would be a good step in the right direction.

What do you think and any advice on how you’ve maintained a good approach to using the internet?

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