Round the Lakes 20

So yesterday, with friends Duncan and Ian, I ran a 20 mile race at Rhayader. A well organised race and the scenery was just stunning by my goodness the hills were hard going. You can find a map and results here.

I chafed something chronic so need to sort that out, plus began to struggle with cramp from about 15 miles and the last mile my right calf muscle was twitching like it had a life of its own. It really hurt. I think I dehydrated, so I think I may run the London with my camelbak.
On the plus side I’ve have had no recurrence of the foot injury so I think that’s all cleared up now and I’ll resume mid-week training this week.

Anyway, I was pleased with a time of 3:13:04 for the 20 miles, which was 9.39 minute miles and 6.22mph. That’s a bit slower than I need to get 4 hours but a few things could change it for me. One, London doesn’t have any hills, two it has more drinks and I can take on more fluid, three I’ll sort out the chafing and four 20 miles here was probably good for 22 in London. So while I was probably 10 minute mileing at the end even I managed that for another 4 miles then I’d come in around 3:50 something.

Somewhat depressing to note I finished 290th out of 395 runners. I’d like to aim for top half.

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