Religion in Sweden

What to say about faith in Sweden? How do you read the numbers? 

Is God dead in Europe or not? Is the news of the demise of Christianity in Sweden premature? Well, depends where you look.

Wherever you look though most reckon on around 3-5% of Swedes regularly attend church; it’s considerably lower in Stockholm (maybe 1-2%). Right now Sweden is a very secular nation. However the religious outlook for Sweden is not necessarily one of increasing secularism.

The number of Muslims as a share of the population is likely to increase, as is the proportion of immigrants in general (who are more likely to be religious than the Swedes). Plus as one generation often rejects the wisdom of the preceding one, there is reason to believe that a proportion of young Swedes will turn away from empty materialism and go looking for some spiritual answers.

Operation World summarizes it this way:

“Sweden has a rich Christian history, with a legacy of revivals (especially in the 19th century), a vigorous free church movement and great commitment to missions. Gustavus Adolphus finalized the establishment of Sweden as a Lutheran nation and fought in Europe to preserve the fledgling Protestant movement. But the 20th and 21st centuries have been characterized by advancing secularism and moral decline. Pray for a national awakening and the for the re-evangelisation of Sweden.”

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