Pimp my truck

So I’ve been in Pakistan a couple of days now. Karachi is a crazy place, no one knows how many people live here for example. 15 million? 18 million? I’ve heard 20 million. Put that into perspective, its more people than live in Australia or its a third of the UK in one city.

It’s quite hot (for the UK) as it’s in the mid-twenties but it’s winter and people are complaining of the cold because the summer is (apparently) stupidly hot and humid. It’s noisy, dusty and the traffic works on rules not known to most westerners. You can drive on either side of the road in either direction and ignore all indicators, cutting up is expected, braking is optional, beeping is obligatory and the larger the vehicle the more rights you have but you’ll still be cut up by a bloke on a motorbike with his helmet on the handlebars.

But here’s what you notice the most about the traffic – the trucks. Quite possibly like nowhere else on earth. This takes bling to a whole other level. Astonishing. (click to enlarge –  really)

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