Overcoming hindrances in your prayer life

In the middle of Greg Haslam’s big book on preaching is a section by Terry Virgo on the preacher giving themselves to the word and to prayer. Terry writes,

Since prayer surrounding our ministry in the Word is so vital, we need regularly to examine whether we are as devoted to prayer as we should be.

Terry then identifies a number of reasons why our prayer life might be flagging:

  •  A lack of sense of purpose
  • A lack of discipline
  • A lack of planning
  • A lack of clear objectives

And what if you struggle to sense God’s presence?

Instead of yielding to that sense we should choose to believe what God’s Word says and thank the Lord for His presence with us anyway. God has promised never to leave us or forsake us – so we can thank Him for that and choose to align ourselves with that truth. As we persist with this kind of praying we will find that God will strengthen our prayer life, and increasingly we will be praying with more faith, reliant upon God and His promises.

Terry then suggests 5 ways to help stimulate your prayer life:

  • Read books on prayer
  • Read books on revival
  • Find someone to pray with
  • Persist through setbacks and difficulties
  • Remember the grace of God and the ehlp of the Holy Spirit

What has helped you when prayer has become hard?

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