My thirsty soul

I use the Daily Telegraph Book of Hymns as part of my regular devotions and it’s a real treasure trove. I came across this version of Psalm 42 and a few of the 12 verses really stood out for me:

As pants the hart for cooling streams/ When heated in the chase;/ S0 longs my soul, O God for thee/And thy refreshing grace

For thee, my God, the living God,/ My thirsty soul doth pine;/ O when shall I behold thy face,/ Thou Majesty divine?

My thirsty soul doth pine. Really? I’m not sure that’s always how I’d describe my soul. Sometimes Pre-occupied, tired and distracted suit it better. Sometimes self-sufficient, prideful or lazy would be better matches.

Perhaps the worst of all tragedies is to die of thirst but never realise that readily available water would save you. My soul dies for lack of water, for lack of the presence of God. Yet sometimes I don’t realise this is happening. Which is why regular time with God is so crucial and a battle that I must engage in.

Lord save me, wake me up to the state of my soul and then quench my thirst with your streams of living water.

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I have been reading Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret. He wrote much of his thirsting for God. John 7:37-39 and 4:14 were crucial passages in helping him understand that God WILL take care of his thirst. Once He believed God was capable of meeting the needs of his thirst, it was a game changer in his walk of faith.

Those verses have been on my mind a lot today, then here you go and write this post — praise God!

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