More on our healing debate…

It’s interesting to see how news of this is spreading. We’ve even made it over to Yahoo Questions
Apparently, the issue is resolved and if we formed a judgement on these responses, we would be ‘dangerous’, ‘desperate’, and possibly jailed for making such outrageous claims.

Meanwhile, I’ve received these messages of support:

“I just want to encourage you in your stand about prayer and healing having read the article on the BBC new report. I too am a doctor, though also retired, and gladly endorse healing through Christian prayer. I pray that you will continue to make your stand and see more & more of the Lord’s mightty work in your midst. With blessings in the name of The Great Physician.”


“I was just reading the ASA adjudication on your leaflet and am appalled that they would make the assessments as they did and prevent you from talking about the power of God, through prayer to heal. Are you taking this any further? We are praying for you and standing with you in this matter.”

Other listings:

Plenty of other places too, but they mostly just reference the BBC article. While I was at Newday, I missed calls from Premier Radio and the Baptist Times. So they caught news of it too.
I wonder how long this story will run for?


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One Thought to “More on our healing debate…”

  1. Blue, with a hint of amber

    What seems odd about the whole story is that it has given the claim that “God heals today” a far, far wider airing than 2,000 leaflets on a housing estate in North Shrewsbury.

    Be faithful with the little, and God uses it.

    Whether the doctor is retired or not is a total red herring, so they have basically banned christians from claiming that prayer works, which will come back to bite them time and time again, and if the ASA judges other Churches then let it be so, because God does heal.

    I love the way if you claim healing they say it is not verified, then if you verify healing they say it discourages people from seeking medical advice.

    So yuo cannot claim a healing without proof from a doctor, or with it!

    The ASA have dropped a clanger big style and will have to side step this issue.

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