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Well I slept for about 12 hours and followed that up with a whole load of nothing just recharginf the batteries. Still last night we had a church prayer meeting (you should try prayer if you haven’t done recently) and it was quite a night. The highlight was the following story:

One of our young people, a 15 year old young man, recommitted his life to following Jesus while at Newday, during that process he was freed from back pain which he had been having for several months. We didn’t pray for his back or anything, it just happened. 
Anyway that evening he went to Tesco’s with his mum and she was complaining of a bad back, which apparently she suffers from (intermittently I gather). So outside of Tesco he puts in his words ‘one hand on her shoulder, one hand on her back and I prayed for her to get healed and she was’. It happened to him and he had faith that it would happen again and it did. 
Last year, even though I’m a church leader, I really struggled with cynicism about healings especially with emotional young people. Not any longer. So ok maybe not every case will be genuine or lasting, I can live with that, but I don’t want to live cynical. I’d rather believe a young man that when he says his back doesn’t hurt him any longer, it really doesn’t. And when his mum says her back doesn’t hurt her any longer, after receiving prayer, I choose to believe her too. I think that’s what’s called faith. I choose faith. 

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