Miscellaneous: 7 links

It was quite cold this week; -6 at one point. No snow yet. Anyhoo, here are seven links to feed the mind through the weekend.

  1. There’s a new year resolution type feel to these links. First up is Tim Challies links on how to keep your resolutions
  2. Maybe you’ve set some big goals for this year; Michael Hyatt has some advice on how to achieve your goals
  3. Then Tom Basson reminds you to keep it simple
  4. Of course this year you will probably spend most of your time working. Wouldn’t it be great if your church thought as much about your work as theirs?
  5. You also might like to think about how your home fits into the big picture, how your ordinary life can become more missional. Doug Paul shares his experiences.
  6. And to remind you that discipleship is, well, pretty important; Mike Breen shares the thoughts of worship leader David Walker.
  7. Finally and should civilisation end and you need to start fresh, how many machines do you need for your very own DIY sustainable but industrial world? Apparently only 50.

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