Miscellaneous: 10 Links

Here are ten links to a whole mixture of blog posts that I starred in Google because they caught my eye, so in no particular order:

  1. More reflections on John Stott from Mark Meynell
  2. Man Bites Shark. Worldwide shark attacks last year = 79, decline of blue sharks in the med over the past 30 years = 96%
  3. Is Christianity in the US collapsing?  “In the US, Christianity has been absorbed into a syncretic mishmash of self-help programmes and therapies, new age products and scraps of eastern religions. There are cults for every taste and circumstance.”
  4. Jon gives two reasons why he doesn’t miss working for Christian organisations, can’t say I’ve ever experienced those but I can imagine
  5. Jeremy asks why are there still famines in Africa?
  6. Vinoth Ramachandra ponders on religion for atheists
  7. Michael Hyatt has posts that show why powerpoint presentations often suck and how you can make presentations like Steve Jobs. That’s 2 links by the way!
  8. If you’re a Calvinist don’t be miserable. ” A graceless Calvinist is like a guy who knows how a car works but has never driven through the countryside in the warm spring air with the top down and the wind blowing through his hair.”
  9. Challies explains why 99.99% percent isn’t pure enough

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