I’m with the family for a few days in Turkey. I’m here for a gathering of leaders from across the Newfrontiers family of churches. It will be interesting to hear the stories of how things are developing in this new season of multiplication.

We’ve spent a few days (not enough) in Istanbul which really is the place where East meets West. Fascinating. However, a few short days are not nearly enough. As our two small children are not yet interested in historical sights, we’ve been to the aquarium and the parks instead of the Hagia Sofia or Blue Mosque.

We’re also visiting friends who have moved to Turkey to serve the church here – I’m sitting with the family as they struggle to learn Turkish. It’s a family struggle, it’s not easy, it’s painful and costly. It’s also worth it.

Today we’re visiting Iznik (the old city of Nicea) although the site of the first council is apparently under water and it’s still a little cold to go swimming but hope to leave with a little of the spirit of Athanasius.

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