Introducing Jubilee+

I wanted to highlight and bring to your attention a new website recently launched by Newfrontiers, Jubilee+. It brings back to the centre of our attention care and compassion for the needy and the vulnerable and I hope it will be a significant resource for our churches. Here’s the introduction from my friend and leader of the social justice team, Martin Charlesworth.

“What we are aiming to do is to provide you with the help you need to encourage and support you and your church in your social action agenda. We are aware that many churches are in need of resources, ideas, contacts and encouragement as they pursue their own projects and work in their communities. We hope this site provides something of what you need.

This site is dedicated to social and community action within the Newfrontiers family of churches in the UK. However, if you are from another Church grouping we hope you find the information useful.

Whilst the site is strongly focused on Newfrontiers, we will also feature partner organizations and important information about what is happening in other churches across the UK so you can see the wider context within which we are working.”

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