Indie confused over consumerism

I’ve been away for a few days with the better half’s family for a low-key Christmas, which after last year was all we wanted. Anyway took the opportunity on Boxing Day to read a newspaper at my leisure which was a pleasure (apologies for the rhyming). My chosen journal was The Independent and unsurprisingly there was the usual hand wringing over the British publics insatiable appetite for material possessions. What was unusual was the prominence it was given, first of all in the main leader which contained this comment:

“With fripperies available for a song, sobriety and responsibility have set in: eco-friendly and organic increasingly belong to the mainstream, while value for money has made a comeback.”

I would have said a silent ‘hurrah’ if I’d actually believed any of that tosh. What I did believe was some of the facts I read in the headlining piece of their Extra section – The Bank of Britain: How did you spend Christmas? We are in so much debt, we don’t know why or what to do.

And I did believe Bruce Anderson in his op ed piece where he said this:

“Modern Britain is a contract society. It is also one in which the poor are bombarded by the relentless propaganda of consumerism. Throughout their day, they are constantly reminded about the goods which they would like to possess, but cannot attain.”

How very sad and very true.

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