How to discover inner peace

When mail arrives from a credit card company it usually takes the most direct route to the recycling bin but today it caught my eye and made me look inside. Barclaycard were offering me inner peace! There on the envelope was a promise to ‘open up to inner peace’ and to be honest up until today I didn’t realise inner peace was a commodity, but clearly I was wrong. Consumerism has led people into debt and a credit card company presents itself as the solution to ‘bad financial karma’ – borrow more money and relax. It can’t just be me that sees the irony in all this can it?

So to ‘improve my overall feeling of wellbeing’ all I have to do is call Barclaycard. I don’t need to take stock of my life and examine my heart, I don’t need to change my behaviour (God forbid that I’d actually cut my spending) or my attitude. I don’t need a spiritual counsellor or to connect with God, all I need for wellbeing is another loan. Secured on my house. With freshly cleared credit cards in my pocket.

So consumerism knows no boundaries, spirituality itself, the depths of the human heart and soul have been colonised by consumerism. Houston, I think we have a problem.

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