How many blogs do you read?

I guess like many of you I use a RSS reader (Google Reader in my case) and it’s easy to just continuously add blogs to your reading list. I tend to scan and skim a lot, looking for something to catch my eye. I’ve started to become a little more rigorous in my unsubscribing from blogs and watching the amount of time I give to reading blogs (probably still too much).

So a question. What techniques, ideas, hints and tips do you have for reading and managing your blog reading list to stop it becoming unmanageable? And as I’m curious to know, my new poll will be on this question: How many blogs do you regularly read? (I’m currently subscribing to 48!!!)

A new blog I’ve added and trying out is Life Together and two posts that immediately caught my eye was The Recession – A revealer of true community and Home is a Small Group for Mission

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2 Thoughts to “How many blogs do you read?”

  1. Gary

    Oops. I subscribe to 77 blogs at present, but most aren’t very active – maybe one or two posts per week. It can be addictive to keep checking for updates, so I try to limit myself to when I check emails in the morning, and then when I’m finishing off at the desk.

    I’m really glad to have found some great blogs, including yours, Phil, but it can be time consuming!

  2. Mark Heath

    I have 249 subscriptions. Mainly either programming or theology. Not all are blogs though. RSS is good for keeping up to date with other stuff.

    I subscribe to friends blogs, and people who produce consistently interesting stuff. Sometimes the sheer volume causes me to unsubscribe someone (e.g. iMonk, Jesus Creed, Blog and Mablog sometimes come off my list due to too much to read).

    I like to have a few people who regularly post links to other interesting blogs as they act as a digest of what else is going on (e.g. Challies and Justin Taylor are good at highlighting stuff elsewhere)

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