Cuba, Carbon and the Sunday Papers

I haven’t written anything for what seems ages, and the busier I get the easier it is for the day to day ethical living habits to slip. Why is that? Is it because ethical doesn’t equal easy?
Anyway, the wife and I are planning our holidays and we haven’t given up on air travel yet. Given the grief ethical man endured for flying to Jamaica, then going on holiday to Cuba seems a distinctly unethical thing to do.

Should we, for the sake of the planet, give up flying? The Environmental Pharisee has to say yes, but I’m not so sure but then I want to go to Cuba. And enjoy it. We can always justify whatever it is we do can’t we. Flying is the fastest growing form of carbon emissions but it is far from being the largest – that belongs to cars I think. Does the environmental cause now require us to return to the islands we were born on and never leave unless on horseback and by sail?

Anyway I had an enjoyable Sunday reading The Observer, turns out they have a regular ethical living section, good for them and the Monday Guardian is weighing in with comment on Fairtrade Fortnight as does the BBC today although the Beeb questions it’s value. Still the more mainstream it becomes the more the debate raises the profile of the issues. The direction is good and if only I could give up travel we might get there faster….

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