Consumerism and preaching

Here’s an interesting perspective from Michael Turner’s essay on the preaching of Will Willimon.

“Movies, other ‘relevant’ media, and communication tactics are merely business endeavours dominated by a consumerist culture, and preaching that attempts to use these technologies finds it difficult to free itself from the grip of consumerism. Consumerism, like the entertainment culture, also threatens the art of preaching.”

Coming from a slightly different angle, John Piper would agree on use of technology in preaching.

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2 Thoughts to “Consumerism and preaching”

  1. nathan82

    Very interesting points from Piper. I think much of the time using media etc is mixed up in consumerism.

    However, I feel strongly that many of us in reformed/conservative inclined churches fail to address the diverse way in which human beings learn. This can be done creatively without distracting from the power of preaching.

  2. Phil

    Hi Nathan,
    Thanks for the comment. You're probably right. I don't think I'm entirely with Piper on this one but it's thought provoking all the same. The consumerism angle is interesting though – do we use technology to help people learn or to keep people entertained?

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