Charity the new rock and roll?

We all know and admire the efforts of Bono and Bob who have given helping the poor some much needed glamour. Now big business is on board with Buffett (warren) and Bill (gates) leading the way. Now according to the Observer the rich just can’t get enough of giving their money away.
Read Heather Connon’s article here

Now I don’t know about you but it seems that to me there must be something slightly screwy about our world that it works in such a way that people can become so rich that they then spend the rest of their lives working out how to give all the money they’ve earned away. Is it just me who thinks we’d all be better if we had just what we need and not very much more? Sadly we’ve not come up with a better system for equal distribution of wealth than communism, which most people agree was a bit of a failure in the last century.


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