I recently watched the remarkable film Calvary which has an outstanding central performance by Brendan Gleeson. He plays a Catholic priest who has been told in the confessional that he has a week to live. His unknown killer was abused as a child but now an innocent man will die in the guilty man’s place. The film tracks Father James through his week in a strange version of Holy Week.

I should point out this is not a family film and it carries some strong language and adult themes but it is an exceptional film. I’m no film critic but last year Steve Vaughan did a great job of drawing out the themes in the film and how to use them as a talking point.

The themes include: Justice, fulfilment, forgiveness, hope, the evil in the church, the evil outside the church and finally Jesus.

Watch the film along with Steve’s helpful pointers (no plot spoilers) and you’ll soon see how it will get people talking.

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