Book Review: What matters most?

This is another book review and although the subject matter is different (youth ministry) from the norm it’s title ‘what matters most?is a good question.

Doug Fields essentially calls people to say ‘no’ more often, that over-busyness can kill the soul, that saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone leads to a crash. At the heart of our society is the view that we must be busy to be meaningful, the more purpose, drive, action we have the better.
In contrast of course there’s a whole generation that have the opposite – no purpose, no drive and not enough action. They need to do something, anything while the majority need to slow down.

If we all heeded Doug’s advice – quality of life would go up. This is a call for quality over quantity and a fresh focus on the most important things. It’s not the only book, it’s not even a brilliant book saying nothing particularly new – but it communicates its message well and for those that read it – I’m sure it will have an impact.

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